Expertise of a full software development team, in only an individual.

My name is Spencer Nusbaum. I am an employed Software Developer, and a college graduate, living in Camas, Washington. This website is my portfolio. It was created to demonstrate work I do, work I have done, and work I am capable of. Please, take a look around.

For nearly the past three years I have been freelancing and consulting for various individuals and businesses throughout the area. In addition to this, I have been working on software projects since I was age 10 with the assistance of my dad, who is a Software Developer as well.

The projects I have worked on range quite a bit; some needing quite technical knowledge. One of the first projects I freelanced for was a C++ written DNS firewall updater, that updated a Microsoft Windows firewall when the IP addresses on a DNS server changed. Another project I did was create the content management and font-end sides of I've consulted for Something Clever Creative Production for nearly all of those years, creating a variety of applications as well. The projects for them ranged from a very configurable automated photography rendering software package, server-side backend work, two separate versions of an image and video thumbnail previewer and full media viewer software (one written in Java, the other in C++) that allows sending media to personal emails, posting to facebook, posting to twitter, and posting to instagram. The second version had an extension to load badge information via Qr codes and a providable API key, which allowed for users to not need to enter their emails anymore. I even created a project for Microsoft Xbox Game Pass though this company, which was an interactive survey that resulted in two suggested games, one new, one old, based on the user input. At work, I work on printer software and devops tasks. For leisure, I work on a variety of arduino/raspberry-pi electronics projects, and a variety of programming projects ranging from automating lights and christmas lights, to game hacking, changing the functionality and outcomes of executable games.

As you can see from my writing, I have worked on quite a a range of projects, and am always working on more. I'm am able to give the expertise of a full development team and yet, I'm only an individual. I use professional software development tools to assist in my creation of these projects, including git, Jenkins, Alassian Jira, Atlassian Bitbucket, and Atlassian Confluence.

If you are interested in scheduling my services, please visit this page to request a quote:
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My Skills

git, jenkins, atlassian jira, atlassian bitbucket, atlassian confluence, android studio, visual studio, eclipse, netbeans, ubuntu, windows os, mac os, visual studio code, raspberry pi, arduino, googling

C++ 100%
Java 100%
Object Oriented Programming (OOP) 100%
PHP 100%
HTML 100%
Qt 86%
CSS 84%
JavaScript 84%
Git 80%
Security 78%
Ajax 75%
jQuery 75%
Bash Scripting 65%
Bootstrap 57%
Python 50%
Object Oriented Design Patterns 48%
Unified Modeling Language (UML) 40%
Assembly 20%
C# 9%
Ruby 7%


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