We Are A True Strategic Business Partner.

MiniDevOps.com provides custom-tailored software solutions designed for high reliability, security, and efficiency. We help top global brands design and develop stellar digital products, with breathtaking user experiences, across all modern platforms and devices.


About Us

We are an astute enterprise company that provides comprehensive software development solutions ranging from concept to planning, development and testing, release, maintenance, and expansion. We pride ourselves on our Agile methodologies to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

We Create Successful Software Solutions.


Excellent Strategy

With thorough detailed discussions, research, planning up front, and an Agile development methodology, we can provide high quality solutions to meet or exceed your initial expectations. We strictly adhere to best practices, to ensure our solutions completely address your business needs.

Diverse Skillsets

We have an extremely skilled, motivated, and focused team providing professional experience for developing desktop, mobile, or embedded applications/websites. We also offer a wealth of valuable software and DevOps expertise, that easily can revolutionize your business.

Strong Ingenuity

Our team works together using the best software development methodologies to offer capabilities beyond standard DevOps practices. We integrate with many open-source and enterprise tools, as well as provide custom solutions, to best suit the needs of our customers.

Quality Support

Even after your application or website is launched, we will provide excellent continuous customer support should you have any questions/concerns, or want additional features. We cherish every one of our customers, and want the best for them.

Why MiniDevOps.com?

The internet is full of lots of full-stack software developers and finding the perfect one in today's market can be a challenge.

Here at MiniDevOps, our team has spent the last 12+ years working in various areas of software design and development; ranging Frontend and Backend development, websites and applications for mobile, desktop, and embedded devices. We also provide cross-platform development, and DevOps solutions.

We have valuable skillsets, and are confident that we can help you and your business.


Some Of Our Past Work

Here is a small collection of past work we are allowed to share.

DeKalb & Asgrow Event Booth Kiosk Stations Plus Overhead Displays

Created a custom banner creator kiosk for Something Clever Creative Production, which was then for DeKalb and Asgrow. It provides a kiosk style interface that allowed event attendees to customize a banner image, and share it via email and/or MMS. We also wrote software to manage the display of the banners created by attendees on the large overhead screens shown in the picture.

The Chevrolet Experience - Card Creator Website

Created a custom card creator website for Something Clever Creative Production, which was then for Chevrolet. It provides a web interface where clients can choose a frame, upload their own photo, move their image around, resize it, and finally download the resulting framed image. The site is live here: https://thechevroletexperience.com

United Space Travel - Ecommerce Business

Developed a dropshipping WordPress-based ecommerce business. It allows the business to advertise and sell digital, and dropshipped physical products, while not requiring any personal physical inventory of their own. It was built with Wordpress, WooCommerce, Printful API integration, and a few other plugins. The store is live here: https://www.UnitedSpaceTravel.com

DeKalb & Asgrow Baseball Card Creator Website

Created a custom baseball card creator website for Something Clever Creative Production which was then for DeKalb & Asgrow. It provided a web interface where clients could take or upload their photo, place it within the provided baseball card frames, adjust the image (move and resize), and once satisfied download it.

AaronArtist.com - Custom Artist Portfolio Website

Created a website for a graphic designer to market and promote their work and drive contact. It was made using the artist's own artwork and design goals, serves as a globally accessible portfolio, and has served as an essential contact point for the artist's business. The website is live here: https://aaronartist.com/

Microsoft Xbox Game Pass Game Quiz For Kiosks

A game quiz kiosk project done for Something Clever Creative Production, which was then for Microsoft Xbox Game Pass. It works by allowing users to select different personality traits, and at the end of the quiz, see two suggested games for them - one released game and one un-released game. It had very strict requirements for the graphics, and functionality.

What To Expect

We are very flexible in the ways we interact with our clients. You can select a common model below that fits you best, or we can build something together!

FREE Consultation Meeting

Project Development To Release

Service Management & Maintenance

Software Development & DevOps Assistance

We will take your idea to pen and paper, and detail a draft out of the software and infastructure needed to create your product. We do not create the idea in this phase, but we do provide an estimate of of the work that would need to be done after the meeting. We take a well flushed-out idea from written concept to reality. We take your project requirements and bring them to life, according to plan, and with quick turnaround. We manage releasing your software product to an app store or stores, working to ensure a smooth and easy project release, and keeping tabs for you in case the app store requires updates to the software. We help you improve efficiency and security of your software though automation and proven DevOps methodology

Customer Testimonial

“Working with MiniDevOps has saved our business a ton of time because they communicate well, and provide a ton of feedback and suggestions before work begins. They always make our original plans flourish. Not only is the customer service great, they are always putting in the extra mile to meet the quick turnarounds we need. I highly recommend them.”

- Toma Amendolara /
Creative Director, Something Clever Creative Production

Scale us up or down at any time

We provide on-demand resources when you need them.

Flexible, No Big Commitments

With MiniDevOps.com there is no need to commit to more employee salaries, or long term contracts. Just hire us for what you need!

Adjust Costs Month-To-Month

If you have a variable workload, that's absolutely fine - we're available as-needed.

The Resources You Need

We provide the whole team in one place - the project planning, management, software development, testing, quality assurance, release, DevOps, and more!


Frequently Asked Questions

We provide custom solutions in the following areas:
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Business Analyst Insights
  • Cloud Computing
  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI / CD)
  • Custom Software Development for Desktop, Mobile, and Embedded
  • Cybersecurity
  • DevOps Methodologies
  • eCommerce Website Creation
  • Information Technology Solutions
  • Internet of Things (IoT) Device Development
  • Legacy Appliation Migration
  • Maintenance & Support
  • Process Optimization
  • Project Drafting, Planning & Management
  • Software Testing & Quality Assurance
  • System Integration Services
  • Software Version Control
  • User Interface & User Experience Design (UI/UX)
  • Website Development
Plus, much more.

We develop for all modern platforms, our most common being:
  • Desktop
    • Microsoft Windows OS
    • Mac OS
    • Ubuntu OS
  • Embedded
  • Mobile
    • Apple iOS
    • Android OS

We use a variety of DevOps tools depending on what fits the situation best, with most common methods including:
  • Agile - A set of methods followed by the team to divide a project into multiple stages, with continuous feedback and customer collaboration, including the following methods:
    • Scrum
    • Kanban
    • Feature-Driven Development (FDD)
    • Lean Software Development
  • Atlassian Jira - Helps break down projects and bugs into managable and trackable pieces of work
  • Cloud Computing - on-demand, reliable, scalable, inexpensive cloud computing services
  • Docker - provides OS-level virtualization to help build, run, and share modern applications
  • Git - Distributed Version Control System
  • Jenkins - An open-source automation server, great for software development tasks related to building, testing, deploying, and facilitating continuous integration and continuous delivery
  • Kubernetes - open-source container orchestration software for software deployment automation, scaling, and management
  • VirtualBox - Open-source software that provides hardware-level virtualization, allowing a single computer to run mulitple operating systems
  • VMWare - Paid software that provides hardware-level virtualization to run mulitple operating systems, as well as allows running containers and Kubernetes clusters
We also frequently engineer custom solutions to fit the needs of our customers as best as possible.

Within 24 hours we should have a reply back to you, however we usually get a reply back much quicker than that. If we have started a project with you, we should meet or beat the turnaround date we estimate, and we will remain in frequent communication with you throughout the development process.

We can provide an extent of electrical development - we have experience with Raspberry Pis, Arduinos, ESP32s, and have worked with many components including motors, sensors, lights, relays, and projects up to 120V power. We typically have done automation and monitoring electrical projects, using pre-made modules/boards, that allow us to not focus on the electrical components as much as we do the software. We primarily do software here, but always enjoy a new challenge.

Very strong observation, critical thinking, and determination skills. Not only do we create high quality software, we also are proactively working to write safe and secure code to prevent against malicious actors.

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